Colorectal Cancer Screening Improvement Toolkit

The NCCRT Steps Guide provides a step-by-step format for implementing evidence-based, expert-endorsed strategies to improve colorectal cancer screening rates in primary care practices. The ScreeND program, a colorectal cancer screening improvement program from Quality Health Associates of ND, has developed tools that have been utilized in rural and tribal communities in ND. Those tools are shared in this toolkit.


To begin your work, download the NCCRT Steps Guide by selecting one of the buttons below:

Step 1 | Make a Plan

Steps Guide: Pages 16-32

Assess Readiness of Your Practice to Implement Changes (p. 19)

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Step 2 | Identify a Team

Steps Guide: Pages 33-41

Develop a Screening Protocol (p. 37)

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Clinical Decision Support Tools (p. 37)

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Reminder Follow-up Tools (p. 38)

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Follow Up and Adherence/Evaluation (p. 38)

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Step 3 | Screen Patients

Steps Guide: Pages 42-53

Track Return Rates and Follow-up (p. 51)

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Step 4 | Coordinate Care

Steps Guide: Pages 54-56

Coordinate Follow Up

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Additional Provider and Patient Resources

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