To support the needs of specialty practice clinics, long term care, and other clinical care settings, Quality Health Associates (QHA) of North Dakota is offering a series of Health Information Technology (HIT) Service Packages to advance the needs of Meaningful Use, EHR adoption, and beyond. The goal of our EHR Specialty Service Packages and priority topic areas are geared to efficiently guide your practice with resources, guidance, and expertise aligned to achieve your goals in a flexible, low cost and scalable manner.

Our service packages include:

EHR Adoption – Assistance through all phases or EHR adoption from assessment to selection through meaningful use preparedness. Service options available:

  • Readiness and Assessment
  • EHR Adoption for the Small Practice
  • EHR Adoption for Large or Group Practice

EHR Assistance – For clinics or practices looking to fully utilize, improve, or address barriers and challenges in use of your EHR system. Service options available:

  • EHR Evaluation and Assessment
  • Assistance with Workflow and Redesign for Effective EHR Use
  • EHR Reselect or Upgrade Assistance

Meaningful Use Preparedness – Ensure you understand each meaningful use objective in order to attest appropriately and optimize EHR policies and workflows. Service options include:

  • Meaningful Use Preparedness and Attestation Readiness
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security Readiness
  • Audit Compliance and Preparedness
  • Meaningful Use Advisement

For additional information about QHA’s Specialty Service Packages, feel free to contact either of our consultants: