QHA is collaborating with the North Dakota Department of Health—Oral Health Program to engage care providers and communities in oral health quality improvement activities. These activities are as follows:

Community Collaboration to Improve Emergency Department Use for Tooth Pain
QHA is completing an environmental scan in two ND communities, Minot and Williston. QHA conducted interviews with targeted Emergency Department (ED) staff, dental offices and patients to better understand the reasons behind seeking help for tooth pain in the ED and to explore opportunities to improve access to dental care through educational messaging, improved protocol and referrals, and ED/Dentist partnerships. As a result of these findings, QHA, along with other partners, are supporting the development and offering of the Oral Health in Primary Care teleECHO™. The goal of this virtual learning network is to improve access to oral health care for patients in rural and underserved communities throughout North Dakota.

Tribal Oral Health Needs Assessment
QHA is developing an oral health needs assessment tool to assess existing oral health programs, access and capacity in North Dakota Tribal communities. This assessment will also identify gaps for Tribal community oral health and community education needs relating to oral health.

Blood Pressure Training for Dental Offices
QHA is providing training sessions for dental office staff to increase blood pressure measurement accuracy. QHA staff developed a blood pressure measurement accuracy curriculum utilizing existing statewide blood pressure protocols. The training sessions focus on blood pressure measurement accuracy along with return demonstration by participants. Staff also provide technical support to assist dental offices with workflows and development of a referral process for primary care. Other components of this project include development of an environmental scan data collection tool to assess primary care oral health management of their patient population as well as ongoing blood pressure measurement accuracy competencies.

This initiative is funded by the North Dakota Department of Health Oral Health Program.