Since 1974, Quality Health Associates (QHA) of North Dakota has collaborated with healthcare professionals, organizations, and communities across the state to improve the quality of care provided to the people of North Dakota. QHA works toward this goal through a number of contracts, partnerships, and initiatives. The goal of QHA is to improve the quality of care for the people of North Dakota by successfully balancing the needs of providers, consumers, stakeholders, and payers.

QHA is governed and staffed by a team of physicians, nurses, analysts, statisticians, IT specialists, and other allied healthcare professionals. QHA uses data-driven, result-oriented processes and tools to improve healthcare quality and patient safety. QHA areas of expertise include:

  • Quality improvement methodologies
  • Lean process improvement
  • Health Information Technology & Electronic Medical Record (HIT/EMR) consultation
  • Health Information Technology Services
  • Data analytics
  • Coding and quality and utilization review